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The Undercover Lady Detective (다모, チェオクの剣)

Cat: LAN
Pub: 2003
#: 0710

Jeong Hyeong-Su; Korean Drama

  • The theme of this tragic drama is various types of love: forbidden love, brotherly love, conjugal love, family love, camaraderie, self-sacrificing love; namely empty-headed love.
  • These types of love is blocked, ripped down, trifled by their destiny or environment, discriminated, chained by false accusation, or fetters of feudal society.
  • This drama is a joint product made by a budding athletic actress Ha-Jiwon, and actors Lee Seojin and Kim Minjun, as well as a rising film director Lee Jaegyu, and a writer Jeong Hyeong-Su.
  • As world-historical background, 16 -17th century, actually 1679 as the first scene starts, when this drama is set up was an age of battle and competition, particularly in east asia, China, Korea, Japan was in the disturbance of various levels of war. The end stage of Toyotomi Hideyoshi who had dreamed to conquer Min Dynasty invaded Korea twice (Bunroku or Imjin war of 1992-93, and & Keicho or Jeong-yu 1997-98)
  • Go ahead "Damo pein" (= Damo devotee)
  • この悲劇のドラマのテーマは様々な形の愛である。許されぬ愛、兄弟愛、夫婦愛、家族愛、同志愛、献身愛、...つまりは愚かな愛
  • これらの愛は、阻まれ、引き裂かれ、運命や環境に翻弄され、差別され、無実の罪で縛られ、そして封建社会の桎梏を受ける。
  • このドラマは新進の運動能力抜群な女優ハ・ジウォンと俳優のイ・ソジンとキム・ミンジュン、そして若手監督のイ・ジェギュと脚本家のチョン・ヒョンスの合作である。
  • このドラマが設定された16-17世紀は、ドラマは1692年に始まるが、世界史的にも闘いと競争の時代であった。特に、東アジアでは日中韓はさまざまな戦争の混乱下にあった。豊臣秀吉の末期は明国を征服しようと二度に亘って朝鮮を侵略した。(文禄1992-93および慶長の役1997-98)
  • では茶母嬖人(다모페인 )のみなさんへ...
Key Phrase

>Top 0. Main characters:

  • ◎Jang Chae-Ohk: Heroine. A damo in the Left Police Bureau, an orphan since 7 year old. She love Commander Hwangbo Yoon like a brother.
  • ◆Jang Sung-Baek: The leader of a rebel. He is elder brother (Jang Jae-Mo) of Jang Chae-Ohk (Jae-Hui)
  • ○Hwangbo Yoon: Commander of the Left Police Bureau of Hansung. His father is a nobleman, but mother a commoner mistress.
  • ○Joh Seh-Ook: Police Chief of the Left Police Bureau of Hansung, who is fair and loyal to the King.
  • ○Lee Won-Hae: The Left Police bureau hot-blooded officer with a scar under his left eye.
  • ○Baek Ju-Wan: An loyal officer in the Left Police Bureau and serve Commander Hwangbo Yoon with pride.
  • △Joh Chio-Oh: Commander of the Right Police Bureau of Hansung, the son of Joh Seh-Ook.
  • ○Joh Nan-Hui: Daughter of the Police Chief Joh Seh-Ook. She feels unreturned love to Hwangbo Yoon.
  • ○Ahn Byung-Taek: He is chasing after Chae-Ohk. He is poor in martial art, but very excellent in civilian service.
  • ○Ahn Nok-Sa: Father of Ahn Byung-Taek.
  • ○Mah Chuk-Ji: Quick-foot Mah. Former a thief, later becomes an assistant to Damo chae-Ohk.
  • ◆Park Duhk-Soo: No.2 assistant to Jan Sung-Baek's rebel organization.
  • ◆Noh Gak-Chool: A member of Jang Sung Baek's rebel organization. A friend of Mah Chuk-Ji.
  • ◆See-Myung: Assistant to Jang Sung-Baek. She admires and holds affections for him.
  • ■Jang Pil-Joon: Minister of Defense of Korea. Godfather of conspiracy.
  • ■Choi Dal-Pyung: A magistrate and successful power broker, and handles smuggling and counterfeit money.
  • ■Kato Masayuki: A Japanese, partner of Choi Dal-Pyung.
  • ○King (16th King of Lee Dynasty: 1661-1720, reign 1674-1720)
  • ○Heung-Bok: King's personal bodyguard.
  • ○Jung Hong-Du: King's reliable minister, but committed suicide under suspicion.

0. 登場人物:

  • ◎チャン・チェオク: 主人公(本名チェヒ)。左捕盗庁の茶母。7歳の時から孤児。 左捕盗庁の従事官のフォアンボ・ユンを兄のように慕う。
  • ◆チャン・ソンベク:反乱グループのリーダ。チェオクの実兄、本名チェム。
  • ○ファンボ・ユン: 左捕盗庁の従事官。父は両班だが、母は良民の妾。チェオクを愛する。
  • ○チョ・セウク: 左捕盗庁の長官。公平でかつ王の信頼が厚い。
  • ○イ・ウォネ: 左捕盗庁の熱血の武官。左目下に傷あり。
  • ○ペク・チュワン: 左捕盗庁の武官で、ファンボ・ユンの忠実な部下。
  • △チョ・チオ: 右捕盗庁の従事官。チョ・セウクの息子。
  • ○チョ・ナニ: チョ・セウクの娘。ファンボ・ユンへ片思い。
  • ○アン・ビョンテク: チェオクの追っかけ。武術は劣るが、文官として優秀。
  • ○アン・ノクサ:アン・ビョンテクの父。
  • ○マ・チュクチ: 元スリ。チェオクのアシスタント。
  • ◆パク・ドクス: チャン・ソンベク率いる反乱グループのNo.2
  • ◆ノ・ガッチュル: チャン・ソンベクの反乱グループの一員。マ・チュクチの友。
  • ◆スミョン: チャン・ソンベクを慕う部下
  • ■チョン・ピルジュン: 訓練都監と兵曹判書。陰謀の黒幕。
  • ■チェ・ダルピョン: 役人かつ密輸や偽金取引を行う豪商
  • ■加藤マサユキ: 日本人。チョン・ピルジュンのパートナー
  • ○粛宗・スクジョン (李氏朝鮮16代王 1661-1720、在位1674-1720) 
  • ○フンボク:王の近衛兵
  • ○チョン・ホンドゥ:王の信頼厚い訓練都監大将。謀反の嫌疑で自決。

>Top 00. Synopsis:

  • The hero of the people, the man creating a new world, Jang Sung-Baek ... and the man following him, the best soldier in all of Korea commander of the Left Police Bureau, Commander Hwangbo Yoon
    • (Sung-Baek): "Your sword fighting style is not taught in the Police. "
    • (Chae-Ohk): "My lord. This person has been helping me. "
  • And the girl who was separated from her family, who became a damo for the Left Police Bureau, Jang Chae-Ohk.
    • (Father): "Jae-Mo ... No matter what happens ... stay with your sister."
  • Under the label of treason, Jae-Mo & Jae-Hui lose their father ... and are separated. Jae-Hui, who is separated during the escape ... becomes a servant girl for Hwangbo Yoon's family. Hating that he is ridiculed for being the son of a mistress, Yoon learns martial arts from a great monk. Sharing the same sorrows and protecting Jae-Hui, the two become close than siblings, but leave things at that.
    • (Yoon): "Does it hurt? "..." Yes ..." "It hurts me too. "
  • Though Hwangbo Yoon values her like a sister and a lover, Chae-Ohk hides her feelings for him and leaves.
  • With the help of Hak-Chul, Jae-Mos studies under the great monk Hwang Hyun-Ki. His name is changed to Sung-Baek ...and he fights for the sake of his brothers
    • (Dal-Pyung): "I ... don't care about repaying favors."
  • Sung-Baek, who is working with Dal-Pyung of Yung-Mo ... in order to help Gak Chool break out, breaks into the Police Bureau. The Police use Mah Chuk-Ji to aid Noh Gak-Chool in escaping and ... succeed in sending him and Chae-Ohk to infiltrate Sung-Baek's base.
  • Though Sung-Baek knows the truth that Chae-Ohk ... is a damo for the Left Police Bureau, he says that they should live together.
  • Forget everything in the past. I would like if if we could stay in the mountains ... and live together for a long time.
  • After seeing Hak-Chul give Sung-Baek a parchment with the words Bal and Mook, she begins to remember her childhood.
  • Hwangbo Yoon was fired for letting Mah Chuk-Ji & Noh Gak-Chool escape ... and the Police Chief Joh Seh-Ook. Chae-Ohk, who was sent to find the counterfeit coin molds .. is getting used to the mountains and Sung-Baek's ways ... and things begin to get complicated.

00. あらすじ:

  • 新たな世界を作ろうという人々の英雄チャン・ソンベクと彼を追う朝鮮一の左捕盗庁の従事官ファンボ・ユン...
    • (ソンベク):お前の剣術は捕盗庁で教わったものとは違う。」
    • (チェオク):「ナウリ。この人は私を助けてくれたのです。」
  • そして家族から引き離された少女は、左捕盗庁の茶母になっていたチャン・チェオク。
    • (父):「チェム、どんなことがあっても妹と一緒にいよ」
  • 謀反の罪で、チェムとチェヒは父を失い、別れ別れになる。チェヒは逃亡の途中で離ればなれとなり、ファンボ・ユンの家族の奴婢となる。妾の子と侮辱されるのを嫌って、ユンは偉大な僧から武術を習う。同じ哀しみを分かち合い、チェヒをかばって、二人は兄妹以上になるが、やがて別れることになる。
    • (ユン):「痛むか。(はい」私も痛い。」
  • ハンボ・ユンは彼女を妹や恋人にように扱うが、チェオクは彼に対する感情を隠して去ることになる。
  • 一方、ハクチュルの助けで、チェムは偉大な僧ファン・フンキの下で修業する。彼は名をソンベクと変えて、仲間のために闘う。
    • (ダルピョン):「大事のためには犠牲もやむを得ん。」
  • ソンベクは、ダルピョンとともに戦い、ガッチョルの脱走を助けるべき牢屋を襲撃する。警察はマチュクチを使ってガッチョルの逃亡を助け、彼とチェオクのソンベクの基地への侵入に成功する。
  • ソンベクは、実はチェオクが左捕盗庁の茶母であることを知りつつも、チェオクに一緒に暮らそうと言う。
  • ハクチュルがソンベクに剣と「發墨」の文字を見て、チェオクは子供時代を思い出す。
  • マチュクチとノ・ガチョルの脱走によって職を追われるファンボユンと警察長官のチョ・セウク。一方、チェオクは偽金の金型の捜索に派遣されるものの、山で生活やソンベクの生き方に慣れていき、事態が複雑になる。

>Top 1. Counterfeit coin plot:

1. 偽金事件発生:

: 아프냐!


: 나도 아프다.

  • Hwangbo Yoon : Does it hurt?
  • Chae-Ohk: Yes.
  • Yoon:
    It hurts me as well. Although you are my subordinate ... You are just like a younger sister. Don't hurt me.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    My lord. Since I was seven, I've been at your side. I would lay my life down for you, but I do not want to become an obstacle. I have served you for 15 years. I know the suffering you went through better than anyone else. I do not want to see your dream fall apart because of me.
  • Hwangbo:
    I have no intention of sacrificing you in order to achieve my dream.
  • ハンボ・ユン:痛むか
  • チャン・チェオク:はい。
  • ユン:私も痛い。お前は私の部下である前に、妹も同然だ。私を悲しませないでくれ。
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:

>Top 2. Childhood:

  • Yoon: Jan Chae-Ohk. Do you want to leave the Police Bureau?
  • Chae-Ohk: My lord ... I do not know what I have done wrong.
  • Yoon:
    You don't know what you have done wrong ... Counterfeit money can always be retrieved ... but a lost life ... could not be returned. You were almost killed by those gangsters. Before you find your mother and brother... you will die first. If you want to keep doing as you wish ... you don't need to stay with me. Leave.
  • Chae-Ohk: My lady ...
  • Joh Nan-Hui:
    He's just worried you'll get hurt. Tell him you're sorry and ask for forgiveness.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    The two of you ... should get married soon. That way, I can put my heart at ease and leave the Police Bureau.
  • Nan-Hui: Chae-Ohk ...

2. 生い立ち:

  • ユン:捕盗庁を去るつもりか。
  • チェオク:ナウリ。自分のしたことが悪いとは思いません。
  • ユン:
  • チェオク:お嬢様。
  • チョ・ナニ:
  • チェオク:
  • ナニ:チェオク...

>Top 3. Death of a secret agent:

  • Chae-Ohk: That's fine. Just give me five nyangs.
  • Boy & mother: Pardon?
  • See-Myung:
    It's the same person as the man we saw at the dock yesterday. Was it fake wild ginseng?
  • Jang Sung-Baek: It was genuine.
  • See-Myung: Then how ... for five nyangs ...
  • Sung-Baek:
    Not only is she chivalrous in spirit, but she has a gentle heart. If only we had met her first ...
  • See-Myung:
    Yesterday, she was disguised as a man at the dock. But today, she's wearing a skit and selling ginseng. I can't figure out what she does.
  • Sung-Baek: She's damo for the Police Bureau.

3. 密偵の死:

  • チェオク:よろしい。五両だけ下さい。
  • 少年と母:えっ!
  • スミョン:
  • ソンベク:本物だ。
  • スミョン:ではなぜ五両で...
  • ソンベク:
  • スミョン:
  • ソンベク:捕盗庁の茶母だ。
  • Father -retrospect: What does this mean?
  • Jang Jae-Mo: Bal ... Mook ... It means to grind an ink block.
  • Father: I'm not asking for a literal meaning. Do you not understand the deeper meaning? Only when you put all of your sincerity into grinding an ink block, will pure ink and ht smell of ink be created. People are just the same.
  • Jae-Hui: Father. Then does a man who is sincere in everything smell like ink?
  • Father: Jae-Hui, come over here. How old are you now?
  • Jae-Hui: I'm seven years old.
  • Father: Seven? Seven years old. You're only seven now? I'm sorry. Please forgive ... this father who could not protect you to the end. Forgive me. Forgive me. Jae-Mo. No matter what happens ... always be with your sister.
  • Jae-Mo: Yes, father.
  • 父-回想:この字の意味は?
  • チャン・ジェム:發墨。墨をするということです。
  • 父:文字通りを聞いているのではない。もっと深い意味を知らないようだな。真心を込めて墨を擦ったときのみ、澄んんだ墨汁と香りが生まれるもの。人もそれと同じだ。
  • チェヒ:父上。ならば、真心を込めて修養した人からも墨の香りがするのですか?
  • イルスン:チェヒ、こっちに来なさい。チェヒは今年はでいくつになったかな?
  • チェヒ:七歳でございます。
  • イルスン:七歳 ...七歳か。まだ、たったの七歳か。すまない。お前を最後まで守ってやれない。この父を許してくれ。許してくれ。チェム。どんなことがあっても、妹と一緒にいるのだぞ。
  • チェム:はい、父上。
  • Yoon - retrospect: Who are you?
  • Jae-Hui: My name is Jae-Hui.
  • Some one: She's a new servant girl.
  • Yoon:
    Servant girl? This little one?... I wish I could fly away ... up to the sky ... I wish I could fly above that sky. Do you wish that too, little one?
  • ユン回想:お前は誰だ。
  • ジェヒ:ジェヒと言います。
  • 指令:新しく来た官婢だ。
  • ユン:
  • Yoon: Are you inside?
  • Chae-Ohk: Yes
  • Yoon:
    My mother was a mistress. She would leave the room at dawn ... and return after I had fallen asleep. She was the mistress to ... the local magistrate who always smelled like salt. My mother gave birth to me at 17 ... and everyone called me the child of a mistress. When I was getting more used to being called that ... rather than my own name, Hwangbo Yoon ... My father passed away. The first time I could call him "father" ... was when I was 24 years old. He passed away right after that I had regrets for the first time in my life. I was ashamed to see myself ... since I did not know my father's heart ... and since I could not look into my own heart. Have you ever looked into your heart?
  • Chae-Ohk:
    What are you asking me? I don not understand since I am uneducated.
  • Yoon:
    I was half noble blood ... and half commoner's blood. I wasn't a human or a servant. Though I wore human clothes ... spoke like a human and ate the food of a human, my father and I were not like family. I'd rather have lived like a servant, but no one granted me that wish. A dog or a pig with human's clothes ... I was never any more or less than that.
  • Chae-Ohk:: My lord. I'm as contemptible as a dog or a pig.
  • Yoon:
    Chae-Ohk ... I just want to see ... you have a good life and protect you. But when I want you to take only one step ... you take two steps. Why ca you not see ... that such a small step ... is the difference between life and death? Even in combat tactics, you must give yourself some extra room. Why do you always fight with your back to the wall ... and force yourself into a corner? I didn't mean for you to turn in your badge. I have no intention of sending you away. Don't be hurt anymore.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    I did not do it because I was hurt.
  • Yoon: Then ...?
  • Chae-Ohk:
    I hate to always ... put you in distress.
  • Yoon:
    If you value me that much, then you just have to do as I say from now on.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    My lord! No one has confined me as much as you have ... and no one has freed me as much as you have ... However, now I ... have become a large obstacle to you. I am as light as a leaf and lowly as one can be, I cannot become a burden to you, my lord.
  • Yoon: So?
  • Chae-Ohk:
    It would be better ... if I left
  • Yoon:
    So then ... are you saying that you want to leave? Do you know that leaving the Police Bureau ... is also ending things with me? I'll ask you again. Do you really want to end your relation with me? Tell me.
  • Chae-Ohk: If that's ... for you sake ... That's enough!
  • Yoon: If you won't stop your stubbornness .... then I too ... am fine with it.
  • ユン:中にいるのか?
  • チェオク:はい。
  • ユン:私の母は郡守様の妾だった。まだ早朝から家を出て、私が眠った後になって帰ってきたものだ。身体からはいつも塩のにおいがしていた。母は17の時に私を産み、世間では私を庶出と呼んだ。ファンボ・ユンというい名よりも、庶出という言葉が耳に馴染んだ頃、父が亡くなった。私がこの世に生まれてから24年目にして初めて「父上」と呼んだ日に父は亡くなった。その日、私は初めて後悔した。父の気持ちに気付かなかった自分、そして自分の気持ちを見つめることができなかった自分を初めて恥ずかしいと思った。お前は自分の気持ちを見つめたことがあるか?
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:半分は両班の血を、半分は賤民の血を持った私は、人でも奴婢でもなかった。どうせなら奴婢のように汗のにおいを漂わせて生きたいと思ったが、私が奴婢になることを誰も許してくれなかった。私は人の服を着た犬か豚、それ以上でもそれ以下でもなかった。
  • チェオク:ナウリ。犬や豚のような賤民というのは、まさに私のことです。
  • ユン:
  • チェオク:心が傷ついたからお返ししたのではありません。
  • ユン:ならば?
  • チェオク:あなた様をいつも困窮させてしまう自分自身やいやで苦しんでいます。
  • ユン:お前がそれほどまでに私を大事に思ってくれるなら、今後、私の指示に従えばよい。
  • チェオク:ナウリ。あなた様ほど私を束縛なさった方はいませんし、私を自由にしてくださった方もいません。でも私は今、あなた様にとって岩のように重たい存在になってしまいました。一枚の落ち葉のように軽くて賤しいこの身が、あなた様の重荷になってはいけません。
  • ユン:それで?
  • チェオク:いっそのこと、去った方がましです。
  • ユン:どうしても去ると言うのか?捕盗庁を去るということは、私との縁も切れるということを知っているか?もう一度聞く。永遠に私と縁を切るつもりなのか?答えよ。
  • チェオク:それがあなた様のためになるのなら...
  • ユン:聞きたくない。お前がどうしても意地を通すなら、私もむしろ去ってもらった方が楽だ。

>Top 4. Prison breach:

  • Chae-Ohk: My lord. I will do it.
  • Yoon: What are you talking about?
  • Chae-Ohk:
    I will infiltrate into the counterfeiting organization. I heard no one was volunteering. I thought of the idea ... so please permit me to see it through.
  • Yoon: I cannot permit you.
  • Chae-Ohk: My lord ...
  • Yoon:
    You may leave! Do I have to issue a military order so you will listen? Please do no make things hard for me.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    My lord ... Did you ask me before if I have looked at my soul? Why would I not have done so? I looked tens of thousands of times. However, every time, the only answer ... I got was that I have no hope. Did you not as well ... suffer from the same hardships when you were young? Though I was not born as orphan ... I do not have any family. My mother ... and my brother ... I do not know if they are dead or alive. They are only alive ... in my memories from when I was seven years old. I want to see them. The pain runs through to my bones.
  • Yoon: Do you not have the hope that ... you will find your mother and brother?
  • Chae-Ohk:
    Hope is only give to a person. A servant girl like me is unworthy of such a thing. However , my lord ... Do you know why I am alive? So that I can help you. You cared for me like a sister ... even if I just help you a little. Only then can I feel that I am really breathing. If you must treat me like a tree in a garden ... If I must live within your confinement ... then though I am living, I am not truly alive. Even though I have no purpose ... no hope or meaning ... if I cannot live without feeling my breath ... I ... would rather die. My lord, if you truly care for me ... please let me breathe.
  • Yoon: Go ... and no matter what ... come back alive.

4. 脱獄:

  • チェオク:ナウリ。私がいたします。
  • ユン:何の話だ。
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:許すことはできない。
  • チェオク:ナウリ。
  • ユン:
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:母上と兄上を探すという希望があるではないか。
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:行くがよい。しかし、何があっても必ず生きて戻るのだぞ。

>Top 5. Infiltration:

  • Choi Dal-Pyung:
    What do you do? Where are you from? You look like a girl.
  • Mah Chuk-Ji:
    Huh? How dare you say that. My brother doesn't care about most comments ... but when he hears that he looks like a girl, he gets ticked off. Since birth, he looked more beautiful than a girl. So other gangs wanted to make him ... into a prostitute. So they did all sorts of unspeakable things. Well, it's a little obscene but want to drop his pants to verify it?
  • Dal-Pyung: Why aren't you saying anything?
  • Mah Chuk-Ji:
    Look at me. My brother cannot speak. He got a severe case of the measles when he was young ... so he lost his sense of hearing. but in an uncanny way ... he can read lip movements and understand speech.
  • Dal-PYung: So you're saying he's mute and deaf ...
  • Mah Chuk-Ji: Why are you doing this?!
  • Dal-Pyung:
    Sometimes, spies infiltrate in via prison. Jung Hong-Rip and Tae Dong-Gyue fell for it before.
  • Noh Gak-Chool: These men are trustworthy!
  • Dal-Pyung:
    Should we check if he's really deaf? If a bullet is fired, his ear drums would pop. but if he's really def, what would it matter?
  • Mah Chuk-Ji:
    We helped you out .... and in return ... how can you do this to us?! Huh?!
  • Dal-Pyung: There's nothing I can do about it!
  • Jang Sung-Baek:
    Soldiers are looking outside for us! Do you want to let them know we're here? Don't worry. We are splitting up here ... so we won't be seeing them again.
  • Dal-Pyung: We must be careful in everything.
  • Sung-Baek:
    I will not forget that you helped us tonight. Go find a path in life.

5. 潜入:

  • チェ・ダルピョン:お前は何者だ。どこから来た。見たところ女のようだが。
  • マチュクチ:
  • ダルピョン: なぜお前は黙っているんだ。
  • マチュクチ:
  • ダルピョン:要するにお前は聾唖というのだな。
  • マチュクチ:ああ、なんでこんなことをするんだ。
  • ダルピョン:
  • ノ・ガッチュル:この二人は信用できます。
  • ダルピョン:
  • マチュクチ:せっかく助けたのに、こんな風に扱うなんて...
  • ダルピョン:何と言われようとやむを得ない。
  • ソンベク:
  • ダルピョン:何事も用心するに越したことはない。
  • ソンベク:
  • Sung-Baek:
    I wanted to ... say thank you ... for saving my life. Thanks.
    Looks like it grazed my ear.
    The reason you came to the mountain ... isn't important. Forget everything that happed in the past. Spending time in the mountains ... I'd like to live together for a long time.
  • ソンベク:

>Top 6. Image of Father.:

  • Hak-Chul: Please take it.
  • Sung-Baek: This is ...
  • Hak-Chul:
    I meant to return it to you.
  • Sung-Baek: My father gave it to you.
  • Hak-Chul:
    They say it originally came from Master Hwang Hyun-Ki. All of the dreams he did not achieve are stored in this sword. The sword has now found its master.
  • Sung-Baek:
    Father ... (ink stick grinding) Father ...
  • (Chae-Hui -retrospect:)
    (Father. Does someone, who is sincere in everything smell like ink? )

6. 父の面影:

  • ハクチュル:どうぞお受け取り下さい。
  • ソンベク:これは...
  • ハクチュル:
  • ソンベク:これは父上があなたに贈ったものです。
  • ハクチュル:
  • ソンベク:
    父上。 (發墨の文字)父上
  • (チェヒ回想):
  • Sung-Baek:
    Do those words appeal to you? It is an adage to always watch and conduct yourself. Who did you learn those words from? .... He must have been an educated man. Where is he now?
  • Chae-Ohk: (He passed away.)
  • Sung-Baek: I asked a foolish question.
  • Chae-Ohk: (Is your father ... alive?)
  • Sung-Baek: Are you talking about my father? ... He is alive. ...
  • (Sung-Baek monologue): He is alive inside of my heart ... He is always alive.
  • ソンベク:
  • チェオク: (亡くなりました。)
  • ソンベク:愚かなことを聞いてしまった。
  • チェオク:(お父上はご健在ですか?)
  • ソンベク:私の父上のことか?生きておられる。
  • ソンベク独り言:生きておられる。私の心の中で...いつも生きておられる。
  • Mah Chuk-Ji:
    Why aren't you sleeping? Maybe ... are you thinking about Boss Jang? You are, right? Earlier, at the village and on the road .. I knew there was a light in your eyes as you looked at him. Well, when a charming leader like that .... sticks out his chest ... and spreads his smell, what woman would be able to resist him? I want to stretch out one night with a lady. Huh? Well, what I mean is ... whether it's a person or an animal, the males have to ... have to look handsome. That's what I mean.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    He's nothing but a rebel who will lose his head. .. What good would it do to put a man like that in my heart?
  • マチュクチ:
  • チェオク:

>Top 7. Arrest of the Godfather:

  • Sung-Baek:
    Sit facing the other way. I have to remove the bullet. Bite on this. ... How can you endure it like that? When living flesh is pierced and cut, even brave young men cry out in pain. You lost a lot of blood. Until your flesh heals, if possible, do not move your arm.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    Thank you. I lived as though ... the world hated me and I was mute. I will continue ... to be like that.
  • Sung-Baek: Rest your eyes.

7. 黒幕逮捕:

  • ソンベク:
    背を向けて坐りなさい。銃弾を取り出さなければならない。これを噛んでいろ。... 何がお前をそこまで耐えさせるのだ。生身の肉をえぐったら、大の男でも気絶してしまうだろうに。出血がひどいかった。傷が癒えるまでなるべく動かないようにしなさい。
  • チェオク:
  • ソンベク:ひと眠りするとよい。
  • Baek Ju-Wan:
    Do not worry so much, my lord. There are no lasting effects on her life. Are you all right?
  • Yoon: I shouldn't have sent her.
  • Baek Ju-Wan: My lord.
  • Yoon: I have a bad premonition. That's it ... I'll have to see the Police Chief.
  • ペク・チュワン:
  • ユン:行かせるべきではなかった。
  • ペク・チュワン:ナウリ。
  • ユン:悪い予感がする。捕盗大将殿に会ってくる。
  • Yoon: You're alive. Chae-Ohk.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    My lord. Fired? There can be no reason for that. Didn't everyone say that it was all parts of a plan?
  • Chae-Ohk: Did you remove the bullet?
  • Chae-Ohk: Yes. Did the Police Chief do nothing?
  • Yoon: Did you break your bones?
  • Chae-Ohk: No, I did not. Did you protest at all?
  • Yoon: I'll have to examine it one more time.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    My lord. If this was going to happen, then I did not have to come this far.
  • Yoon: If this was going to happen ... then I should have held onto you when you said you would go.
  • Chae-Ohk: My lord. That is not what I meant. I just ...
  • Yoon: Being fired ... I can handle that ... as long as you are by my side.
  • ユン:生きていたんだな。チェオク。
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:銃弾は取り除けたのか?
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:骨は傷ついていないか?
  • チェオク:いえ、大丈夫です。抗弁なされたのですか?
  • ユン:もう一度、傷を診て見なければ...
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:こんなことになるのなら、行くというお前を最後まで引き留めるべきだった。
  • チェオク:ナウリ。そんなお話ではなく、私はただ...
  • ユン:罷免されたことなどどうにでもなる。お前が傍にいてくれさえすれば。

>Top 8. Defeat of the raid soldiers:

  • (Yoon - retrospect):
    Have you looked into your soul before? I am a different person from my father and brothers. Because I no longer wanted to live like a submissive dog ... I bit and tore anything that approached me. In an isolated Buddhist temple ... in darkness as black as coal ... the thing that wanted me and raised me ... was one who threw a broom at me while I was swinging my wooden sword ... and who hid from me when I tried to wipe her tears. It was one child ... a seven year old girl.
  • (Yoon)
    Chae-Ohk, all I want for you ... is to live in this world like a human being ... as I protect you.

8. 討伐隊敗退:

  • (ユン - 回想):
    お前は自分自身を見つめたことがあるか? 私の父や兄弟と違う人間だった。私はそれ以上おとなしい犬のように生きるのが嫌になり、近づく者に対し手当たり次第噛みつき壊して回った。人里離れた庵の真っ暗闇の中で、私を慰め育ててくれたのは、木刀を振り回す私に向かって箒を投げつけてくれ、そして私がその子の涙を拭こうとすると隠れた子だった。その子は七歳になる女の子だった。
  • (ユン - 回想):
  • Jung Hong-Du:
    I, Jung Hong-Du ... in life and in death, I will serve Your Highness!
  • KIng: Heaven .. took away a part of me. Speak. Left Police Bureau Chief, did you truly ... regard him as a criminal? Tell me!
  • Joh Seh-Ook: Your Highness!
  • King: Tell me! If you wish to live, tell me.
  • チョン・ホンドゥ:
  • 王:天は私の忠臣を奪っていった。答えよ、左捕盗庁長官は本当に彼が罪人と思っていたのか。答えよ!
  • チョ・セウク:王様!
  • 王:答えよ。もし生きたくば、答えよ。
  • Sung-Baek:
    Did you pay your respects to your father? Would you like a drink?
  • Chae-Ohk: Soldiers for the raid will come.
  • Sung-Baek:
    Are you able ... to speak again? This wine has fermented well. Sit down.
  • Chae-Ohk:I am ... a damo from the Left Police Bureau.
  • Sung-Baek:
    Around this time of year ... the wild grapes on So-yo mountain are most abundant. It is a good time to set wine to ferment.
  • Chae-Ohk: Did you know?
  • Sung-Baek:
    Didn't I tell you to forget everything in the past? It's not important why you came ... to the mountain camp. I waited for you to return. Let's go together.
  • Chae-Ohk: Who the heck ... are you?
  • Sung-Baek:
    Was our relationship .. one to point swords at each other? Kill me. I am the Boss of the rebel organization and you are a damo of the Police Bureau.
  • Chae-Ohk: Let's go down.
  • Sung-Baek:
    I disgraced noblemen and I have beheaded many local officers. I spread chaos and even committed murder ... so I wouldn't care if I were to die right now.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    A repentant rebel ... with the mandate of the King ... can be restored to a common citizen ...
  • Sung-Baek:
    I deceived you ...and I made Jung Hong-Du commit suicide. And I made the Police Chief and the Commander fall into prison.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    There raid soldiers are coming. If you do not surrender now ..
  • Sung-Baek:
    When you first opened your mouth ... You said "thank you" ... That must have all been a lie.
  • Chae-Ohk: Shut up! If you say another word ... I'll kill you.
  • Sung-Baek: When you were about to die ... I truly wanted to save you. Kill me. Wasn't your goal to get rid of me?
  • Sung-Baek:
    Spending time in the mountains ... I wanted to live together for a long time ... I will ask only one thing. Do you think I am a criminal deserving to be beheaded ... and thrown in the streets in front of thousands of people? I am not. You asked who I was. I am one of the people! No different than you, I am a citizen of this country. A new movement is upon us. The answers bursting from all the people's chests ... will change the world from the roots on up. Ours was a cruel destined meeting. Next time we meet ... let us meet in a world where we do not point swords at each other.
  • Chae-Ohk: This is a conspiracy.
  • ソンベク:お父上の法事は無事済んだのか?一杯やるか?
  • チェオク: 討伐隊がやってくる。
  • ソンベク:失った言葉を話せるようになったか?この酒はよく熟成している。坐りなさい。
  • チェオク:私は、左捕盗庁の茶母だ。
  • ソンベク:毎年、今頃になると逍遙山はヤマブドウで一杯になる。酒を醸造するには良い季節だ。
  • チェオク:知っていたのか?
  • ソンベク:過ぎたことは忘れろと言ったではないか?お前が山へ来た理由は重要ではない。お前の帰りを待っていた。さあ、一緒に行こう。
  • チェオク:お前は一体何者なのだ?
  • ソンベク:我々は互いに刃先を向け合う仲ではなかったはずだ。斬れ。私は盗賊の頭領で、お前は捕盗庁の茶母だ。
  • チェオク:山を下りよう。
  • ソンベク:両班たちを侮辱し、地方役人や守命令の首を刎ねること十数回。世の中を混乱させ、殺人まで犯したのだから、今すぐ首を斬られても仕方あるまい。
  • チェオク:罪を悔い改める盗賊は、国法によって良民の身分になれる。
  • ソンベク:お前を騙して、チョン・ホンドゥを自決に追いやり、捕盗大将と従事官を獄舎に送り込んだ。
  • チェオク:討伐隊がやってくる。今すぐ降伏しなければ...
  • ソンベク:お前は初めて口を開いた時、お前はありがとうと言った。その言葉はすべてウソだったのか。
  • チェオク:
  • ソンベク:
  • ソンベク:
  • チェオク:それは謀反だ。
  • (Message from Yoon):
    "He told me to say this. Don't try so hard. It is useless. I should not have ... brought you on this path ... I'm just making you do something hopeless. Whether I'm there or not, what would change about ...the hardships you face as you live in this world? Even if you may plan a new path in life ... I only wish that ... you will not have another ... destined meeting like ours. "
  • (ユンからの伝言)

>Top 9. Acquittal:

  • Chae-Ohk's letter:
    "The first time I saw you ... was when I was seven years old. My father had died ... and after having been separated from my mother and brother ... I was a reckless child ... who did not know what sadness was.
  • On that day in the heavy pouring rain ... you were looking at me. After that day ... you were my father ... my mother ... and my brother. The time I have spent with you up to now ... is everything that I can remember in my life. If I lose you when you mean that much to me ... how could I continue to live?
  • Like you said ... I should not have gone to the mountain camp in the first place. If I had not gone ... I would not have met the rebel leader.
  • Your life was at stake ... but my heart would not let me kill that man ... I do not understand it. That pains me more than dying. The only way I can cleanse my heart ... is to do this.
  • This stupid girl ... will die like this. In laying down my life ... I wish for you to reach your goals in life. Young master ... The destined meeting we had ... please ... forget about it. Young master ... "

9. 免罪:

  • チェオク -手紙:
  • あなた様はあの日、滝のように降る大雨の中を私を背負い走ってくださいました。あの日以来、あなた様は私にとって、父であり母であり兄でした。これまであなた様とともに過ごした幾歳月が私が記憶している人生のすべてです。もしあなた様を失うということは、私は生きていくすべを失うことです。
  • あなた様が言われる通り、私はあの山塞に行くべきではありませんでした。もし行かなければあの頭領にも会うこともなかったのです。
  • あなた様の命が懸かっているのに、私の心はあの人を斬ることができませんでした。私にはそのことがなぜだかわかりません。そのことは死ぬことよりも辛いことです。この罪をあがなう道はこれしかありません。
  • この愚かな女はこうして死んでいきます。私の命を乗り越えて、あなた様が人生の目標を達成して欲しいと願うばかりです。若様。この世での私とのご縁は、どうぞすべて忘れて下さい。若様...」
  • Chae-Ohk:
    Left ... Left Police Bureau ... damo ... Jang Chae-Ohk. I would like an audience ... with Your Highness.
  • King: Damo? Who ordered yo to assassinate me?
  • Chae-Ohk: I ... I ... had something ... to tell Your Majesty.
  • King: You risked your life to tell me something? A girl? All by yourself? What in heaven's name is it?
  • Heung-Bok: Can you not see that he is asking you a question? Ask him quickly!
  • Chae-Ohk: Please tell your attendants to stand back.
  • King: Everyone withdraw. It is all right. He is no different than my own limbs.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    Please command that ... this case will be ... entrusted to the .. Left Police Bureau Chief ... and Commander Hwangbo Yoon. Please issue that command ... I will tell you.
  • Heung-Bok: Your Highness!
  • Chae-Ohk: Your royal power is in danger!
  • King: Tell me. I am listening.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    All the credit ... for discovering this should go to ... the Police Chief and the Commander Hwangbo Yoon. Please issue the command.
  • King: Did not I tell you to tell me?!
  • Chae-Ohk:
    The counterfeiting organization ... is not ... a simple band of rebels. They have many trained soldiers ... and are ... armed with weapons. They intend on .. raising an insurrection! They used counterfeit money ... to reinforce their armament ... and laid a trap ... to eliminate ... the Training General guarding the capital city. It was all ... art of a conspiracy ...
  • King: Who else knows about this?
  • Chae-Ohk: No one ... No one knows.
  • King: What did you say your name was?
  • チェオク:
    左.. 左捕盗庁の ... 茶母の...チャン・チェオクと言います。王様に謁見したくてまいりました。
  • 王:茶母だと。誰が私を暗殺せよと命令したのだ?
  • チェオク:私...和足は王様にお話がございます。
  • 王:お前ば命がけで私に言いたいことがあるのだな。それも女の身ひとつで.... それは一体何の話だ?
  • フンボク:ご下問が聞こえないのか?早く答えよ。
  • チェオク:周囲の方々に外していただきたく存じます。
  • 王:皆の者は下がれ。構わぬ。彼は私の手足と変わらぬ者だ。
  • チェオク:この件は、獄中におられる左捕盗庁の捕盗大将殿とファンボ・ユン従事官殿に任せるとお約束して下さい。お約束して下さればお話いたします。
  • フンボク:王様。
  • チェオク:国家の危機でございます。
  • 王:話してみなさい。余が聞いている。
  • チェオク:このことを知ったのも、左捕盗庁の捕盗大将と従事官殿のお手柄です。お約束して下さい。
  • 王:余に話しみよと言っているではないか?
  • チェオク:偽金作りの組織は単なる盗賊ではありません。数多くの精鋭兵士と武器で武装し、謀反を企んでいます。彼らは、偽金を使って武器を強化し、罠を仕掛け、都城を守る訓練大将を死に追い込んだのも、すべて謀反の陰謀でした。
  • 王:このことは他に誰が知っているのか?
  • チェオク:誰も、誰も知りません。
  • 王:お前の名は何と言ったか?
  • Heung-Bok:
    Leave them here. Go back to the Police Bureau.
  • Joh Seh-Ook: Who are you?
  • Heung-Bok:
    The two of you hare already dead. While holding out for the remainder of your life ... do not concern yourself with your own safety ... but fulfill the command.
  • Heung-Bok: Stop!
  • Yoon: Is it a royal command?
  • Heung-Bok:
    Did she call herself Chae-Ohk? You have appointed a fine subordinate. However ... She was a reckless girl.
  • Joh Seh-Ook: A golden belt. Your Highness!
  • (King's letter):
    Though you swore that you would lay down your life ... I would be alone without your services. The people behind the counterfeit money are the conspirators. Secretly examine the inner royal advisers ... and discover their true character ... so you may reassure your King.
  • Joh Seh-Ook: Your Highness!
  • フンボク:そこに下がっていなさい。捕盗庁に戻れ。
  • チョ・セウク:どなた様ですか?
  • フンボク:二人はすでに死んだ命だ。残りの人生は余りのようなもの。身の安全の考えず、命令を遂行せよ。
  • フンボク:止まれ。
  • ユン:王命ですか?
  • フンボク:チョオクと言ったか?良い部下を持ったな。しかし無謀な女だ。
  • チョ・セウク:金帯。王様!
  • (王の書簡)
  • チョ・セウク:王様!
  • Yoon:
    Did you say she trespassed the palace?
  • Lee Won-Hae: I said ... foolish words to her.
  • Baek Ju-Wan:
    She lost her mind without going insane ... how could anyone do that in a proper state of mind?
  • Bygone:
    What did you command Chae-Ohk to do? Dang. That's why I kept telling her to leave the Police Bureau.
  • Doctor:
    I am very sorry. She has many external wounds ... but since her internal wounds are so serious ... I can no longer ...
  • ユン:宮殿の塀を越えたと言ったのか?
  • イ・ウォネ:私は余計なことを言ったせいです。
  • バク・チュワン:
  • ビョンテク:
  • 医者:
  • Yoon's monologue:
    I cannot send you like this. I still have not said .. any of the feelings in my heart. Chae-Ohk ... I'm here. Didn't you say you feel when you are breathing in each moment? After hearing that ... do you know how hard my heart was racing? I'm not even as good as a pig. Half nobel blood ... who left a mother whose hands and feel were swollen from labor. What drive would I have had to live? I was the same. Since you were there ... in each moment ... I could feel that I was breathing. I didn't even tell you that and 15 years have gone by. Chae-Ohk ... don't go. I still haven't done anything for you, Chae-Ohk. Can you hear me? Chae-Ohk ... Don't go, Chae-Ohk! Chae-Ohk! Chae-Ohk!
  • ユンの独り言:

>Top 10. Unforgettable person:

  • Joh Seh-Ook:
    Do you think my and Commander Hwangbo's lives ... are our own? You may go.
  • Nan-Hui:
    If there is someone Chae-Ohk loves more than her own life ... then that person is Commander Hwangbo. The commander as well ... If he is with Chae-Ohk ... there is no reason for him not to value her like his own life. Only Chae-Ohk ... does not want her love for him to become an obstacle for his future. And the commander as well ... Since he knows how Chae-Ohk feels ... he will not let her into his own feelings.
  • Seh-Ook:
    Please consider the commander's heart that has affection for Chae-Ohk. Is that what you want to say?
  • Nan-Hui: Yes, that is so.
  • Seh-Ook:
    Knowing that ... how come you hold him in your own heart?
  • Nan-Hui:
    It is because ... I believe that they are not destined for each other.
  • Seh-Ook: Then ... do you think your destiny touches his?
  • Nan-Hui:
    It is up to the commander's heart.
  • Seh-Ook: I ... Do you know how much I love you?
  • Nan-Hui:
    How could I not know? However ... I do not want to hide my feelings anymore. If you have affections for my heart .. which is directed to the commander, then please forgive him now.
  • Seh-Ook:
    It is not your place to argue this. I understand the purpose of your words so ... go outside.

10. 忘れ得ぬ人:

  • チョ・セウク:
  • ナニ:
  • セウク:
  • ナニ:はい、そうでございます。
  • セウク:
  • ナニ:二人は縁がないと信じているからです。
  • セウク:ならば、お前は縁があるというのか?
  • ナニ:それは従事官殿のお気持ち次第です。
  • セウク:私が、私がお前をどれほど愛しているか知っておるのか?
  • ナニ:知らないはずはありません。しかし、私もこれ以上、自分の気持ちを隠したくはありません。従事官殿を思う私の気持ちを察してくださるのなら、許してあげて下さい。
  • セウク:お前が論ずることではない。お前言う意味はわかったから、下がりなさい。

  • Yoon: How is your health?
  • Chae-Ohk: It is good enough to move around.
  • Yoon:I ... think about you ... the same way as you heard Lady Nan-Hui say.
  • Chae-Ohk: My lord ...
  • Yoon: Why will you not hold onto me?
  • Chae-Ohk:
    Please do no say that. You are ... a person like my own blood.
  • Yoon:
    You keep deceiving yourself ... that you must keep replying like that. If you were not in the servant class ... would you say that you felt that I was like your own blood? I am not your parent ... and do not want to be your brother either. I ... am a man who holds you dear.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    That must not happen. that situation must not happen.
  • Yoon:
    It could have happened. If you had not deceived yourself ... The Police Chief commanded that you relocate your post.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    I was thinking of making that same request. However, my lord ... Before I leave ... I have a last request. I want to capture Jang Sung-Baek ... with my own hands.
  • Yoon:
    After capturing that man ... do you want to save him or kill him? You cannot kill Jang Sung-Baek. Pack your belongings. From now on ... do not live for me. I will be marrying ... the Lady.
  • Chae-Ohk: I congratulate you.
  • Yoon:
    Forget about me. Forget it all. Me ... and Jang Sung-Baek. Everything.
  • ユン:身体の具合はどうだ?
  • チェオク:動けるようになりました。
  • ユン:私がお前を想う気持ちは、お嬢様に聞いた通りだ。
  • チェオク:ナウリ。
  • ユン:なぜ私をつなぎとめないのだ?
  • チェオク:そのようなことをおっしゃらないで下さい。あなた様は私にとって肉親のようなお方です。
  • ユン:お前はいつもそんな風に言い続けようと自分を騙しているのか。お前が賤しい身分でなかったら、私を肉親のように感じると言うだろうか?私はお前の肉親にも兄にもなりたくない。私はお前を大切に想う男にすぎない。
  • チェオク:ありえません。そんなことはありえません。
  • ユン:あり得ることだ。お前さえ自分の気持ちを騙さなければ。奴婢の名簿を移すようにとの捕盗大将殿のご命令だ。
  • チェオク:私もそうしてくださるようにお願いするつもりでした。しかし、従事官殿。個々を去る前に最後のお願いがございます。チャン・ソンベクだけは必ず私の手で捕まえたいのです。
  • ユン:あいつを捕まえて生かすというのか?殺すというのか?お前はチャン・ソンベクを斬ることはできない。荷物をまとめなさい。もうこれ以上、私のために生きないで欲しい。私はお嬢様と結婚する。
  • チェオク:... おめでとうございます...
  • ユン:忘れてくれ。すべて忘れてくれ。私もチャン・ソンベクもすべて。
  • Nan-Hui: Who is it? Who is it? Is it Chae-Ohk?
  • Chae-Ohk: Yes, my lady. It is Chae-Ohk.
  • Nan-Hui: Come inside. I was planning on summoning you.
  • Chae-Ohk: Please do not open the door. I will pay my respects here ... and leave.
  • Nan-Hui: Leave? Where to?
  • Chae-Ohk: A far away place.
  • Nan-Hui: Are you ... doing this because of the commander and me?
  • Chae-Ohk: No, I am not. I ... wanted the two of you to be together more than anybody else.
  • Nan-Hui: Don't say that. I know your heart better than anybody else.
  • Chae-Ohk: My lady ... How could a lowly girl like me ... hold such thoughts for the commander? I am only ... a person who has ... looked up to him and followed him like a family member. Other than that ...
  • Nan-Hui: Chae-Ohk. Will you not live with us together? I will not compete with you. I do not want to see a person I love be broken-hearted. I wanted to tell you that more than anything. Don't leave.
  • Chae-Ohk: My lady. I ... I have never ... had feelings for the commander. I will never forget ... the debt I owe him for taking care of me so warmly ... for the rest of my life. I will only pray that the commander ... and you grow old together in marriage.
  • Nan-Hui: Chae-Ohk.
  • ナニ:誰なの?誰なの?チェオク?
  • チェオク:はい、お嬢様。チェオクです。
  • ナニ:入りなさい。丁度一度、あなたを呼ぼうと思っていたの。
  • チェオク:開けないで下さい。ここでご挨拶をして発ちます。
  • ナニ:発つとは、一体どこへ?
  • チェオク:遠い所です。
  • ナニ:私と従事官殿のことがあったから発つの?
  • チェオク:いいえ。私はお二人が結ばれることを誰よりも願っていました。
  • ナニ:そんなこと言わないで。あなたの気持ちは誰よりもよくわかっているわ。
  • チェオク:お嬢様。賤しい私がどうして従事官殿に想いを寄せることなどできましょうか。私にとってはただ尊敬し、肉親にように慕ってきた方だったというだけです。その気持ち以外は...
  • ナニ:チェオク。私と一緒に暮らさない?嫉妬するつもりはないわ。愛する方が傷つく姿を見たくない。あなたにこのことをどうしても言いたかったの。行かないで。
  • チェオク:お嬢様。私は..、私は従事官殿に想いを寄せたことは一度もありません。賤しい私を今まで温かく見守って下さったご恩は一生忘れないつもりです。従事官殿と末永くお幸せに暮らすことをお祈りしています。
  • ナニ:チェオク。
  • Mah Chuk-Ji:
    This is driving me crazy. I can't do this. Life was finally starting to be worth living ... Honey.
  • Wife of Mah Chuk-Ji:: Go and come back.
  • Mah Chuk-Ji: What? Are you crazy?
  • Wife of Mah Chuk-Ji:
    Up until just recently, we weren't considered real people. Just servants. You said it. Let's not have a child. So we wouldn't pass on the burden of being like animals to a child. But ... We ... have a child now. If we knew that we had conceived a child before all this ... we would have had to get rid of it. Now, honey ... you can become a father. You will need be able to fully repay them for making us commoners. It was because of her. So ... go and come back.
  • Mah Chuk-Ji:
    Who died? Why are you crying?
  • マチュクチ:まいったな。できしないよ。やっと追いついて暮らしができるようになったんだから。
  • マチュクチの妻:あんあ、お行きなさいよ。
  • マチュクチ:何だと?お前、気は確かか?
  • マチュクチの妻:
  • マチュクチ:誰か死んだみたいに ... なぜ泣いているんだよ。

>Top 11. Chaise:

  • Mah Chuk-Ji:
    Brother Noh ... Are you really dead? Don't hate me so much ... I truly didn't want to see this. When I die ... then ... I'll be a really good friend to you. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. This wasn't supposed to happen. Rest in peace.

11. 追跡:

  • マチュクチ:
  • Sung-Baek: Don't do anything foolish. Grab on!
  • Chae-Ohk: I will not beg of my life!
  • Sung-Baek: You can't even endure a moment of shame ... so how ... will you kill me?! Hurry!
    ---------- drop together into a deep cave -----------
  • Sung-Baek: What are you waiting for? Take my life.
  • Chae-Ohk: The bullet went all the way through ... and the arrow missed the bone. It's broken. I'm going to set your ankle.
  • Sung-Baek: Don't worry about it. I said, don't worry about it! You are the first person ... who has made me see ... blood on my lips and still live. You will be the last .
  • Chae-Ohk: I'm not doing this because I like it. You should bite down on something.
  • Sung-Baek: What do you plan to do now?
  • Chae-Ohk: We have to get out. Why ... did you save me?
  • Sung-Baek: What would you have done? I did not think. Just my instincts.
    ---------- Chae-Ohk looks for an escapeway?
  • Sung-Baek: Is there no way out? I thought about it a lot ... even if my leg were not broken ... I could not have reached that far. Even if we yell, it would only echo within this cave. ... This is a flare. If you don't shoot it up accurately ... then you and I ... will die here together.
  • Chae-Ohk: If you think ... that when we get out, I'll set you free ... you're mistaken.
  • Sung-Baek: no one captures me ... and no one sets me free. The only thing that matters ... is my own will
    --------Chae-Ohk successfully launches the flare.
  • Sung-Baek: Who do you think will come running first? If the troops come first ... I will die. If it's my brothers first ... you will die. However, this mountain ... is probably covered with troops searching for you and me. ... They saw it. You will live.
  • Sung-Baek: They are late.
  • Chae-Ohk: They will come.
  • Sung-Baek: They must. This is better than ... the both of us dying.
  • Chae-Ohk: Don't act all high and mighty.
  • Sung-Baek: I told you ... that I was only one of the people of this land. You are the same. If it were another era ... you would ld also be one of the people ... being loved by others. What ... What I wanted to kill ... is not one of the people like you.
  • Chae-Ohk: You can't only blame the times. It's a cruel destiny.
  • Sung-Baek: Yes ... If I killed you in the mountain camp ... If I didn't grab you as you were falling into here ... If I thought about Gak-Chool who died ... or my brothers ... this would not have happened, huh? One must kill with the heart first ... then with the sword. Why I always .. hesitated ... I still ... I still ... do not know why. Are you not afraid? I am ... I am horrified by .. Gak-chool's death, and I am afraid that ... I will not see ... my brothers' faces again. More than anything ... that girl ... my poor little sister ... I lost her and could not find her. That girl ... having to live like an animal ... I fear that ... I ...
  • ソンベク:馬鹿なことをするな。早く手を出せ!
  • チェオク:命乞いなどしない!
  • ソンベク:一時の羞恥心にも勝てず、どうやって私を斬るのだ。早く!
    --------- 二人は深い洞窟に落下する ------------
  • ソンベク:何をためらっている。私を殺せ。
  • チェオク:銃弾は貫通している。矢も骨の部分ははずれている。骨折している。足首を接骨する。
  • ソンベク:気を遣うな。気を遣う必要はないと言っている。私の口から血を流させておきながら生き残ったのはお前が最初で最後だろう。
  • チェオク:好きでこんなことをしているのではない。何か噛んでいろ。
  • ソンベク:これからどうするつもりだ?
  • チェオク:ここからでなければ。なぜお前は私を助けた?
  • ソンベク:お前ならどうしていた?何も考えてなかった。ただ身体が動いてそうしただけだ。
  • ソンベク:出口は見つからなかったのか?そこから出ることを何度も考えた。だが、私の足が折れていなかったとしても、登れないほどの高さだ。大声を出したとしても、洞窟の中に響くだけだろう。爆竹がある。正確に打ち上げられなければ、お前と私はここであの世へ連れ立つことになる。
  • チェオク:外へ出て、私がお前を逃がすとでも思ったら、それは間違いだ。
  • ソンベク:誰も私を捕まえたり、誰も私を自由にしたりはしない。私を動かすのは私の意志だけだ。
  • ソンベク:先に駆けつけるのは誰だと思う?官軍が先に来たら、私が死ぬだろう。私の仲間が先に来たらお前が死ぬ。しかし、この山はおそらくお前と私を探している官軍に包囲されているだろう。奴らは爆竹に気付いた。お前が助かるだろう。
  • ソンベク:奴らは来るのが遅いな。
  • チェオク:彼らはやって来る。
  • ソンベク:確かにそうだろう。二人とも死ぬよりはましだ。
  • チェオク:平気なふりをするな。
  • ソンベク:お前に言っただろう。私はこの土地の民に過ぎないと。お前も同じだ。こんな時代でなければ、お前も他人から愛される民の一人であった。私が殺したいのは、お前のような民の一人ではない。
  • チェオク:時代のせいばかりにすることはできない。これは悪縁だ。
  • ソンベク:どうだ。山塞でお前を斬っていたら...、この穴に落ちかけていたお前を助けなかったなら、死んだガッチュルと仲間のことを思っていたら、こんなことにはならなかっただろう。まず心で斬ってから身体が動くものだ。なのに私は、何のためにいつもためらってきたのか、それがいまだに私にも分からない。お前は怖くはないか?私は怖い。自ら命を投げ出したガッチュルの死が怖い。仲間たちの顔を二度と見られなくなるのが怖い。そして何よりもあの子、私の哀れな妹に別れたまままだ見つからない、あの子が獣のように生きて行かなければならないのが、私には怖いのだ。

>Top 12. Forbidden love:

  • Chae-Ohk: Your lips are all dry.
  • Sung-Baek: Please take me to ... a place with water. I must clean my wound. The infection is serious. Wouldn't it better than ... the smell of rotting flesh? ...You can be so cruel. Please pour me some water.
  • Chae-Ohk: Don't order me around.
  • Sung-Baek: It's a request.
    ------- Chae-Ohk still searches
  • Sung-Baek: No one is born ... wishing to be a rebel. Last year ... I found my mother who had caught the plague. Instead of being treated ... she was chased out of town ... and died from starvation ... Her whole body ... was covered with bruises from all the stones that hit her. That is how she lived her whole life ... and that is how she died. That is ... how the people of Korea ... live these days.
  • Chae-Ohk: You better ... be quiet.
  • Sung-Baek: My young seven year old sister ... right before my eyes ... was dragged away like an animal. If that child were alive ... she would be over 20 years old now. She would be married by now. If she had a child ... that boy ... would be a lowly slave. What is ... right and wrong? Treating sick people ... and giving food to starving people ... is that wrong? People ... using other people like animals ... abusing them ... and having full stomachs when they do not work .. Is that right?
  • Chae-Ohk: I do not ... know such things.
  • Sung-Baek: I used to dream about ... the "good life" where ... I would hold a shovel in treason ... and conspiracy ... you speak of. I want to live. i must see ... a new world.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    Jang Sung-Baek! Jang Sung-Baek! Wake up! Jang Sung-Baek! Jang Sung-Baek!
    Wake up! Jang Sung-Baek!
  • Sung-Baek: While I was ... with you on the mountain ... I could not have been happier. I always held my sword ... and lived with a hatred of this world. I was not afraid of anybody. The moment I first saw you ... I wanted to cast my sword aside. As my heart fell for you ... I became ... more and more afraid. I hated to think that ... someday I would have to ... cross swords with you. For the first time in my life ... I wanted to lay down my sword ... and lead an ordinary life. In the end ... it was a useless hope. even if I die here, I will not ... be able to forget you.
  • Chae-Ohk: Don't misunderstand. I only ... want to take you prisoner ...
  • Sung-Baek: What is the matter? Answer me!
    -------- Hwangbo Yoon calls Chae-Ohk --------
  • Sung-Baek: Why did you ... not answer? Shouldn't at least ... you survive?
  • Chae-Ohk: If it were you ... what would you have done? I didn't think ... Just ... my instincts. I'm cold. Hug me.
    ---- After a nap ----
  • Sung-Baek: Name ... What is your name?
  • Chae-Ohk: You've gone crazy. Did you swallow the poison?
  • Sung-Baek: I didn't have time to think. The cuts inside my mouth ...(I said I don't need you!) More than being left behind ... I would rather die. Don't look at me with those eyes. It's not your mistake. I'm sorry that ... I'm leaving you alone. I love you. If I am reborn ... let's not ... let's not meet again. Never.
  • Chae-Ohk: Jang Sung-Baek! Jang Sung-Baek!
    ------ Chae-Ohk finally finds out a exit hole. -----
  • Chae-Ohk: Chae-Ohk. Jae-Hui Jang Jae-Hui That's my real name. Why aren't you waking up? Why did you give up? We could get out together.
  • Chae-Ohk: Open your eyes. You said you wanted to see a new world. You said you wanted to live together. I ... didn't answer you yet. Open your eyes. I also ... I love you. Please open your eyes. ... Please. Let's go out together. Let's live together. I'm sick of ... being alone like this. Don't die. Don't die. You can't. You can't. Don't die! Don't die! Don't die! You can't. Don't die! Don't die! You can't!

12. 許されぬ愛:

  • チェオク:唇がすっかり乾いている。
  • ソンベク:水のある所へ連れて行ってくれ。患部を拭きたい。膿が日取り。肉の腐る臭いを嗅ぐのに比べたらマシではないか。... 乱暴だな。水をかけてくれ。
  • チェオク:あれこれ指図するな。
  • ソンベク:お願いだ。
  • ソンベク:生まれた時から反乱を起こしたいという者はいない。昨年、疫病にかかった母を見つけた。治療はおろか、村から追い出されて飢え死にした。全身に石を投げられてアザだらけだった。それまでの険しい人生のように、息を引き取る時もそんな風だった。それが朝鮮の民の生き様だ。
  • チェオク:もうしゃべらない方がいい。
  • ソンベク:私の七歳の幼い妹も、私の目の前で動物のように連れていかれた。その子が生きていれば、二十歳を過ぎているだろう。今頃誰かの妻になっているだろう。子供でもいたら、その子もまた奴婢になっているだろう。一体何が正しくて何が間違っているのか。病人が治療を受け、飢えている者に食べ物を与えるのが間違っているか。人が人を獣のように扱い、虐待し、仕事もしない者がいつも腹一杯食べて生きるのが正しいことなのか?
  • チェオク:そんなことは私はわからない。
  • ソンベク:いい世の中になったら、私も剣の代わりに鍬を持って畑を耕し、妻と一緒に子供を育てたいと夢見た者だ。それがお前たちの言う反逆であり謀反なのだ。生きたい。新しい世界を見なければならないのに...
  • チェオク:
    チャン・ソンベク! チャン・ソンベク! 起きてくれ。チャン・ソンベク! チャン・ソンベク!起きろ。 チャン・ソンベク!
  • ソンベク:お前と山塞にいる間、生きていくことが、あれほど幸せに思えたことはなかった。剣を手にしてからというもの、私は世の中に対する怒りだけで生きてきた。他の誰も怖くなかった。だが、初めてお前を見たとき、剣を捨てたいと思った。お前に気持ちがのめり込んでいくにつれて、だんだん怖くなった。そして恨めしかった。いつの日が、お前と刃先を向け合わなければならないことが、初めて、初めて、剣を置いて平凡に暮らしたいと思った。それは所詮、叶わぬ夢だったが。ここで死んだとしても、お前は忘れられないだろう。
  • チェオク:勘違いするな。私はただお前を生け捕りにして...
  • ソンベク:どうした?返事をしろ!
  • ソンベク:どうした?返事をしないのか?そうすれば少なくともお前は生き延びられる?
  • チェオク:お前だったら、そうしていた?何も考えられなかった。私の身体が勝手にそうしただけだ。寒い。抱いて。
    -------- しばしの眠り----------
  • ソンベク:名、... お前の名前は何だ?
  • チェオク:正気じゃない。毒を飲んだのか?
  • ソンベク:考えている暇はなかった。口の中の傷は...残されるより、去る方がいい。そんな目で見るな。お前の過ちではない。お前を一人残して逝くことになった。すまない。愛している。生まれ変わったら、二度と...二度と会わないようにしよう。二度と...
  • チェオク:チャン・ソンベク!チャン・ソンベク!
  • チェオク:チェオク、チェヒ、チャン・チェヒ。それが私の本名だ。なぜ目を覚まさないのか?なぜ諦めるの?ここを一緒に出よう。
  • チェオク:目を開けて。新しい世界を見たいと言ったじゃない。一緒に暮らしたいと言ったじゃない。私はまた返事もしていないのに。目を開けて。私も愛している。どうか目を開けて。お願い。一緒に出よう。ね?一緒に暮らそう。私一人残されるのはもうこりごり。死なないで。ダメ。ダメよ。
  • Yoon: Sit up!
  • Yoon: Jang Sung-Baek was in our hands. You know that was ... our best chance of stopping the conspiracy. Why did you become a hostage ... and save him? I asked why you did it. Do you ... love that man? Starting tomorrow, I am no longer a commander. When I arrive at the Police Bureau, I will tell the Police Chief ... and resign. you will come with me ...to where my mother is.
  • Chae-Ohk: I ... cannot become your wife.
  • Yoon: That! I will decide that. You ... will come with me.
  • Chae-Ohk: I ... cannot bear children. The monk ... told me that.
  • Yoon: I only need you.
  • Chae-Ohk: You have ... already promised your hand in marriage.
  • Yoon: I was deceiving myself.
  • : I am ... lowly and unworthy of you.
  • Yoon: Then I will humble myself.
  • Chae-Ohk: My lord. I do not know why I am like this. I do not know why I am doing this ... when I should be the thrusting my sword at him. The more I bite my tongue, the deeper and deeper I fall for him. I do not know why.
  • Yoon: Let's go. Let's go far away where you can forget about Jang Sung-Baek. Let's go anywhere. I will no longer fool myself. I can go back as the child of a mistress. We can live as commoners. Did you not say ... that you were breathing because I was here. I am the same. Without you ... I cannot live.
  • Chae-Ohk: You could have my body ... that's for sure ... but my heart ... is already gone.
  • ユン:坐りなさい。一度はチャン・ソンベクを捕まえた。謀反を阻止できる絶好の機会だったことは分かっているだろう。なぜ自分から人質になり奴を助けた?なぜそうしたのかと聞いているのだ。あいつを愛しているのか?私は明日から従事官ではない。捕盗庁に着いたら捕盗大将殿にお願いして職を辞するつもりだ。お前は私と一緒に、私の母のいる所に行くのだ。
  • チェオク:私はあなたの妻になることはできません。
  • ユン:それは私が決める。お前は私と一緒にくるのだ。
  • チェオク:私は子供を産むこともできません。和尚様がそうおっしゃいました。
  • ユン:私にはお前だけいればいい。
  • チェオク:あなた様には、すでに結婚を約束された方がいらっしゃいます。
  • ユン:自分を騙したのだ。
  • チェオク:私は、あなた様とは一緒になれない賤しい身分です。
  • ユン:ならば、わたしが賤しくなればいい。
  • チェオク:ナウリ。私もこんな自分が分かりません。おいつに剣を突きつけるべき私が、なぜこんなことになったのか分かりません。舌を噛んでもがけばもがくほど、さらに深みにはまっていく自分が私にも分からないのです。
  • ユン:行こう。チャン・ソンベクを忘れられる遠い所へ行こう。どこでも言い。これ以上、自分を騙して生きていきたくない。庶子にもどってもいい。白丁として生きてもいい。お前は私がいるから息ができると言ったではないか。私もそうだ。お前がいなければ、私も生きられない。
  • チェオク:あなた様はこの身を捕まえられても、離れてしまった私の心はもうどこかへ行ってしまったのです。

>Top 13. Dissolution of the tie

  • (Joh Seh-Ook's letter):
    "Read this, Commander Hwangbo:
    In order to stop the man behind the conspiracy ... who cannot be caught or seen like the wind ... I deceived Nan-Hui and waited for this day. Now I am holding a sword in my heart and going to meet them. I trust that I will come back and get rid of this note. If I cannot come back ... it grieves me that Nan-Hui will be alone. Whenever I pass the Right Police Bureau which my son commanded ... I long to see my boy who I resented so much when he was alive. I have had countless sleepless nights crying over him. If that disobedient boy were still alive, my footsteps would not be so heavy. Who would I ask to take care of Nan-Hui's future? If you read these words ... I ask ... that you take over my burden.2

13. 縁切り:

  • (チョ・セオクの手紙):
  • Yoon:
    Come outside. I thought ... you and I were one. A day like this ... I did not know a day like this would come. Kill me. Kill me and show me your determination. That way ... I will believe your intentions ... with Jang Sung-Baek. In any case ... you have to kill one of us. Come on.
  • Chae-Ohk: Young master. I will end it with one stroke. Forgive me.
    ----- Assassinaters attack ----------------
  • Chae-Ohk: My lord ...
  • Yoon: Do not move! Do not come near me. I am not wounded. Go. Now I ... will only remember ... the 7-year-old girl ... who was walking with swollen feet ... 15 years ago. The little girl named Jae-Hui ... I will only remember her. Go.
    ------- Chae-Ohk leaves with tears.---------
  • Yoon: The girl who hid her tears ... from me like they were a lie. That 7-year-old ... little girl. Right now, that girl ... is leaving my side. I have not done ... anything for that girl. Go. Go. Fly far away ... to a place ... where nobody  ... and nothing will restrict you.
  • ユン:
  • チェオク:若様。一降りで終わりにします。お許し下さい。
  • チェオク:ナウリ...
  • ユン:近くへ来るな。私は怪我していない。行け。私は、今、15年前にまめだらけの足で雨の中を歩いてた七歳の女の子だけを胸に刻んでおく。チェヒと呼ばれていたあの女の子だけを覚えておく。行け。
  • ユン:私の涙をウソのように消してくれた女の子、七歳の女の子。今、その子が私のもとから去っていく。その子のために何ひとつしてやれなかった。行け。行くのだ。どこまでも飛んでいけ。誰も、何もお前を束縛しない所へ。  
  • Chang Sung-Baek: Who is it?
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: A girl whom you know very well. She burned the leper's village to the ground ... and directed the massacre of the villagers in the mountain camp. She is a damo! .... Kill her.
  • Chang Sung-Baek: You kill her.
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: Your brothers are watching! Watching your resolve shake because of that girl makes their hearts ache.
  • Chang Sung-Baek: I already forgot her.
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: Then shouldn't you show a renewed confidence?
  • Chang Sung-Baek: Didn't I say ... that I already forgot her?
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: Is forgetting enough? Erase your brothers' memories as well.
  • Brothers: Boss! Please kill her!
  • See-Myung: Comfort our dead brothers' departed souls.
  • Park Duhk-Soo: Think of Gak-Chool and Yang-Soon. Can't you hear the cries of the massacred lepers and the villagers?
  • Brothers: Kill her, kill her.
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: Why are you hesitating?
  • Chang Sung-Baek: Remove ... the cloth on her head.
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: If I remove the mask ... will you be able to kill her? It will be harder if you see her eyes. What are you waiting for?
  • Chang Sung-Baek: Turn her around.
  • チャン・ソンベク:そいつは誰だ?
  • チェ・ダルピョン:お前と縁の深い女だ。癩病の村を焼き尽くし、山塞の村人を皆殺しにしたのもすべてあの女が指示したことで。茶母だ。斬れ。
  • ソンベク:そっちで斬れ。
  • ダルピョン:お前の兄弟たちが見守っている。あの女のせいでお前の気持ちが揺れているのをみて、皆が心を痛めている。
  • ソンベク: もう忘れた女だ。
  • ダルピョン: だからなおさら証拠を見せるべきではないか。
  • ソンベク: もう忘れたと言ったはずだ。
  • ダルピョン: 忘れたでは済まされない。兄弟達の記憶も消してくれ。
  • 仲間:頭領! あの女を斬って下さい。
  • スミョン:死んでいった兄弟たちの魂を鎮めて下さい。
  • ドクス:ガッチュルとヤンスンのことも思い出して下さい。皆殺しにされたカマ村や山塞の仲間の叫びが聞こえないのですか?
  • 仲間:斬ってくれ、斬ってくれ。
  • ダルピョン:何をためらっているのだ?
  • ソンベク: 頭巾をはずしてくれ。
  • ダルピョン:頭巾をはずしたら斬れるのか?あの女の目を見たら斬れなくなるはずだ。まだためらっているのか?
  • ソンベク:背中を向けさせろ。
  • See-Myung:
    One stroke ... of your sword was enough. Why ... did you swing it twice?
  • Jang Sung-Baek: I killed my feelings ... and then her life. We are going to move.
    --- Chae-Ohk carries the corpse of Mah Chuk-Ji's wife on her shoulder----
  • Jang Sung-Baek: Why ... did you come back? I already ... killed you.
  • スミョン:刀は一振りで十分だったはずです。なぜ二度も斬ったのですか。
  • チャン・ソンベク:情を断ち切り、首を斬ったのだ。さあ行こう。
  • ソンベク:なぜここへ戻ってきたのだ。私はすでにお前を斬ったのに。
  • Jang Sung-Baek: Why ... did you come back? ... I already killed you.
  • チャン・ソンベク:なん戻ってきたのだ? 私はすでにお前を斬ったのに...
  • Yoon: that night, I ... felt like my insides were all dying. Not again ... not even in a dream ... did I want to see you. Go back. Tonight, I ... will have painful dreams. If we meet again ... you will be one of Jang Sung-Baek's men ... and you will ... have to cross swords with me. ... Go.
  • Chae-Ohk: Me too ... I dreamed a false dream for a moment. i will kill him ... By all means necessary, I will kill him with my own hands. Until then ... please take me back.
  • Yoon: You go alone.
  • Yoon: Retrieve ... your badge. However ... to me, you are only ... a damo. No more and no less.
  • ユン:あの晩、私は断腸の思いだった。二度と、二度と、たとえ夢でもお前に会わないことを願った。戻りなさい。私は今晩、またつらい夢を見たのだ。今度会う時は、お前はチャン・ソンベク側の人間で、私とは剣を向け合わなければならない。行きなさい。
  • チェオク:私もまた、しばらく虚しい夢を見ていたようです。殺します。あの男を必ず私の手で斬ります。その時まで私をここに置いてください。
  • ユン:お前一人で行くがよい。
  • チェオク:通符を返してもらいなさい。しかし、お前は私にとって茶母だ。それ以上でもそれ以下でもない。
  • Yoon: I ... do not ... love you. I have never ... regarded you as a woman either. The promise I made to marry you ... I was only deceiving myself. however ... this is not true now. Now, I ... think I can ... make a place for you in my heart.
  • Nan-Hui: My lord ...
  • Yoon: I will try hard. I will make an effort.
  • 私はお嬢様をお慕いしてはいません。お嬢様を女性として考えたこともありませんでした。お嬢様と婚約したのは、自分を欺くためでした。しかし、今は違います。今はお嬢様に私の心の一部を差し出せるような気がしています。
  • ナニ:ナウリ。
  • ユン:努力してみます。頑張りたいと思います。

>Top 14. Last moment of Chae-Ohk:

  • Baek Ju-Wan: Why is the commander so late? I'M so nervous. Chae-Ohk ... Don't make things ... difficult for him anymore. He didn't say it but ... if you could look at his heart, you'd see that you hut him ... more than the rebels. Understand that it was hard for him ... to take you in again, just follow him, no matter what, OK? 

14. チェオクの最期:

  • チュワン:従事官殿はなぜこんなに遅いのか。もどかしい。チェオク、これ以上、従事官殿を苦しめるな。口には出さないが、従事官殿の心臓を見たら、逆賊を捕まえることより、お前の心配で真っ黒になっているだろうよ。悩んだ末にお前を受け入れてくださったんだ。せめてこれからは、頼むから何があっても黙って従事官殿の言うことだけを聞くんだぞ。いいな?
  • Yoon:
    From now on, all officers and soldiers ... will not follow ... anyone's orders other than mine. I will take ... full responsibility. Go where you are ordered to ... and do not care about official ranks or power. And do not submit ... to any pressure or interference.
  • ユン:
  • Jang Sung-Baek: The sun is rising. It is a brand new day. It is the day ... the people of this land have waited for over hundreds of years! It will replace this rotten world ...with a new world ... A new world of equality!
  • チャン・ソンベク:夜明けがやってきた。全く新しい一日だ。それはこの国の民が数百年待っていた夜明けだ。腐った世の中をひっくり返し、新しい世の中を、平等の世の中を開く夜明けだ。
  • Lee Won-Hae: I heard a rumor that ... several months ago ... a Chinese merchant used ... Ma-san port to trade weapons ...
  • Yoon: Who negotiated the transactions?
  • Lee Won-Hae: A governor of Yo-dong bought 100 guns and 1000 pounds of gunpowder. And a military officer and ... several palace soldiers took them ...
  • Yoon: Palace soldiers?
  • Lee Won-Hae: It was Chief Officer ... Jung Ji-Woong.
  • Baek Ju-Wan: Who? The Chief Officer? How deep does this conspiracy run? But Jung Ji-Woong? Jung Ji-Woong ... That name sounds familiar.
  • Yoon: He is the ... Minister of Defense Jung Pil-Joon's eldest son.
  • Baek Ju-Wan: Oh may goddess ...
  • Lee Won-Hae: As long as Jung Pil-Joon is serving the King ... We have no idea when everything will erupt!
  • Baek Ju-Wan: Oh crap. Somehow we have ... to disguise ourselves as guards and get into the palace.
  • Lee Won-Hae: Those spandrel ... could strike any time ... even today!
  • Chae-Ohk: The palace ...
  • Yoon: It's the palace.
  • Chae-Ohk: They are disguised rebel soldiers.
  • Yoon: We need evidence. Evidence!
  • Chae-Ohk: A rifle cannot be hidden on someone's body. They must have guns hidden in their packs.
  • Lee Won-Hae: We have to stop them no matter what! If rebels are already in the palace ... that means ...that rebel soldiers are waiting outside the city.
  • Yoon: If the conspiracy succeeds ... we would no longer ... be allowed to live. ...
  • Mah Chuk-Ji: Just say the word. I don't want to live anymore anyway ...
  • Yoon: There is only one way ... We must attack the palace.
  • イ・ウォネ:数ヶ月前に清国の商人が馬山浦で武器の取引をしていたという噂を聞き、それを確認していて遅くなりました。
  • ユン:取引の当事者は誰なのだ?
  • イ・ウォネ:中国の遼東の軍閥チョンが鉄砲100丁と火薬千斤を売り、それを買ったのは一人の武官と官軍でした。
  • ユン:官軍だと?  
  • イ・ウォネ:それは宣川郡守チョン・ジウンです。
  • パク・チュワン:誰だって?宣川郡守だって?一体どこまで陰謀が拡がっているのだ。チャン・ジウン、ジャン・ジウン。聞き慣れた名だが...
  • ユン:兵曹判書チョン・ビルジュンの長男だ。
  • パク・チュワン:何てこった!
  • イ・ウォネ:チョン・ビルジュンが王に仕えている限りいつ事が起こるかわからない。
  • バク・チュワン:クソッ!何としても護衛兵に変装してでも宮殿に入るべきだった。
  • イ・ウォネ:あの奴らは、今日すぐにでも事を起こすかも知れません。
  • チェオク:宮殿で...
  • ユン:そうだ宮殿だ。
  • チェオク:奴らは変装した反乱の兵士です。
  • ユン:証拠を押さえなければ...証拠だ。
  • チェオク:身体には銃は隠せません。銃は御輿に隠したに違いありません。
  • イ・ウォネ:何としても阻止しなければ。すでに宮殿にまで逆賊が入り込んでいるとしたら、都の周辺にも族の兵士がうろついているいうことです。
  • ユン:謀反が成功すれば、我々はどのみち生きられない。
  • マ・チュクチ:指示を出してください。私もこれ以上生きていたくはありませんから。
  • ユン:方法はただ一つ、宮殿を襲撃することだ。
  • See-Myung: My lord. The chosen troops ... who will march on the capital ...
  • Jang Sung-Baek: Speak.
  • See-Myung: Those selected troops ... are Japanese soldiers.
  • Jang Sung-Baek: Japanese?
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: Captain! Go to the Japanese official residence!
  • Captain Yang: Boss Jang! I don't want to do this either ... but after coming this far, we must first achieve our great goal!
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: Boss Chang!
  • Jang Sung-Baek: What were the conditions for dragging the Japanese into this?
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: There's nothing like that! we were going to discuss it after the revolution!
  • Jang Sung-Baek: Will you answer me with your blood instead?
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: Jeju Island ... We were going to give them Jeju Island.
  • Jang Sung-Baek: Are you saying ... the people of Jeju are not Korean people?
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: It was for the sake of the revolution!
  • Jang Sung-Baek: For who's sake is the revolution?!
  • See-Myung: My lord! He saved my farther and me.
  • Jang Sung-Baek: Lock this man up.
  • スミョン:チャン頭領!都を襲撃する精鋭軍は...
  • チャン・ソンベク:言ってみろ。
  • スミョン:その精鋭軍は倭軍です。
  • ソンベク:倭だと?
  • ダルピョン:ヤン判官。早く倭館に馬を走らせろ。
  • ヤン判官:チャン統領。私もこんなことはしたくないが、ここまで来た以上、大事をまず成し遂げるべきだ。
  • ダルピョン:チャン統領!
  • ソンベク:倭の奴らを巻き込んだ条件は何だ?
  • ダルピョン:条件などない。大事を成し遂げた後に話そう。
  • ソンベク:血で答えるつもりか?
  • ダルピョン:済州を渡すことにした。
  • ソンベク:済州の民は、朝鮮の民ではないというのか?
  • ダルピョン:大事のためだ。
  • ソンベク:誰のための大事だというのだ?
  • スミョン:チャン頭領。私の父と私を助けてくださった方です。
  • ソンベク:こつを閉じこめておけ!
  • Yoon: No matter what ... don't kill a single soldier, attack them .. with the dull edge of your swords. We must lure the palace guards who ... follow us into the inner palace grounds.
  • Lee Won-Hae: The elite troops and I will cover the rear. My lord! This punk ... will die before getting married. Take the blame.
  • Baek Ju-Wan: Shoot! This is my duty. Man-Seok ... your father ... is not a coward! Watch closely ... Your father ... will die fighting gloriously for our country.
  • Ma-Jukichi: Honey ... You're watching me now, right? You wait and see. I  will break the neck of the scum who killed you ... and we will go to you together.
  • Chae-Ohk: My lord. I will ... finally wake up from ... this endless heavy dream of mine. In this life ... you have watched over ... and cradled me. If I am reborn ... I will watch over ... and cradle you.
  • Yoon: Chae-Ohk. Relationships are not solidified when people meet ... but when they end. Thanks ... for letting me ... be with you until the end.
  • ユン:どんなことがあっても兵士を殺してはならない。峰打ちで攻撃しろ。追いかけてくる内禁衛の兵士達を便殿に誘導するのだ。
  • イ・ウォネ:飛虎隊と私が援護します。ナウリ。この馬鹿者は嫁も娶らぬまま逝きます。責任を取って下さい。
  • ペク・チュワン:ちくしょう。これが義理か。マンソク、お前の父親は臆病者ではない。よく見ていろ。この父親は国のために壮烈に闘って逝くぞ。
  • マ・チュクチ:お前、今、俺を見てるだろ?しっかり見ていてくれ。お前を殺した奴の首をねじ曲げて、お前の所に行くからな。
  • チェオク:ナウリ。限りなく重かった私の夢からようやく醒めようとしています。この世ではあなた様が私を見守って下さいました。生まれ変わったら、私があなた様をお守りします。
  • ユン:チェオク。縁という者は出会う時にだけあるものではなく別れる時にもあるものらしい。ありがとう。最後を共にできる縁をくれて。
  • Yoon: That seat ... is the seat that carries the troubles of the people. It is not a place for scum like you to sit. Step down now!
  • Jung Pil-Joon: You ... I should have killed you a long time ago. If you move a finger ... your King's head will fall. Put down your weapons!
  • King: Even if I die ... the royal family will not fall. The Crown Prince ... Counsel him well. Kill him! Do it!
  • Jung Pil-Joon: Indeed ... could they do that? A new history ... grows by feeding on blood! Drop your swords! Now! Drop your swords! A new day has come!
  • Mah Chuk-Ji: You dog! I've waited to meet you.
  • Yoon: What are you doing? Drop your blade! Don't interfere!
  • Mah Chuk-Ji: I'm going to slit this guy's throat!
  • Yoon: The royal family's safety is at stake! Back off!
  • Mah Chuk-Ji: I don't care! I want to kill him ... and go to my wife!
  • ユン:その座は、民の苦しみを代弁する所だ。お前の様な器の者が坐る所ではない。早く降りろ。
  • チュン・ピルジュン:お前をもっと早く斬っておくべきだった。指一本でも動かしてみろ、お前らの王の首が落ちると思え。武器を捨てろ!
  • 王:余を殺めたとしても、国が滅びるわけではない。世子をしっかり頼んだだぞ。意に介さず斬れ。
  • ピルジュン:果たして、そんなことができるのか。新しい歴史は血を吸って育つものだ。刀を捨てろ。早く刀を捨てるのだ。ようやく新しい時代が来たのだ。
  • マ・チュクチ:このクソ野郎。俺は貴様に会う日を待ってたんだ。
  • ユン:何の真似だ。刀を捨てろ。
  • マ・チュクチ:馬鹿言わないで下さい。こいつの首を斬って、俺もくたばりますから。
  • ユン:王家の安全がかかっているのだ。
  • マ・チュクチ:そんなこと俺は知らない。こいつをぶっ殺してカミさんの所へ行くんだ。
  • Yoon: Your highness!
  • King: Thank you.
  • Yoon: Your Highness.
  • King: I would like you ... to be my personal bodyguard. Will you protect me?
  • Yoon: Your Highness. The Police Chief ... is wandering near the gates of death. My achievements are nothing ... compared to those of the Police Chief ... and my subordinates ..
  • Queen: Please do not turn us down.
  • King: Commander. No one is left ... by my side. With whom .... can I share my sadness and grief?
  • Yoon: Your Highness!
  • ユン:王様!
  • 王:礼を言いたい。
  • ユン:王様!
  • 王:余はそなたを承政院の宣伝官に登用したい。余を守ってくれるか?
  • ユン:王様。左捕盗庁の捕盗大将殿が、まだ死線をさまよっていらっしゃいます。臣の功のは、捕盗大将殿と部下の功に比べたら微々たるものです。
  • 王妃:断らないで。
  • 王。従事官。今や全員、余のそばを離れてしまい、誰もいない。他に誰がいる?この寂しい心境を誰と分かち合えばよいのだ?
  • ユン:王様!
  • Jang Sung-Baek: Today is not the end. Don't forget. We must pass this on to our children no mater what! Go back and wait for the right time. Someone will make all the brothers gather here. Duhk-Soo. Distribute the gold that was meant ... to pay the soldiers to everyone.
  • See-Myung: The gold you ordered us to distribute ... has all disappeared.
  • Jang Sung-Baek: That represents ... the blood of our brothers!
  • See-Myung: It seeps that Magistrate Choi stole it.
  • Jang Sung-Baek: I should have killed him.
  • チャン・ソンベク:今日が最後ではない。忘れずに伝えて欲しい。我々の子供たちに必ず伝えなければならない。戻って時を待て。誰かがきっと皆この場所にもう一度集めてくれるだろう。トクス。残った軍資基金の砂金を皆に分けてやれ。
  • スミョン:兄弟たちに分けようとした砂金が全部消えてしまいました。
  • ソンベク:あれは兄弟達の血も同然なのだぞ。
  • スミョン:チェ都房の仕業だと思います。
  • ソンベク:早く斬っておくべきだった。
  • Yoon: It has been a long time since I have sent you my regards. I am sorry.
  • Monk: You accomplished a great deed. You are a great man.
  • Yoon: It is all because of your teachings.
  • Monk: I heard that the Police Chief still has not recovered.
  • Yoon: Let's see ...
  • Monk: I'm not much of a healer ... but perhaps with the grace of Buddha ...
  • Yoon: Monk!
  • Monk: On my way here ... I visited BoHyunSa Temple in Keum-chun. In that temple ... the ashes of Chae-Ohk's parents are being kept.
  • Yoon: I did not hear of this.
  • Monk: Chae-Ohk ... It is not in her nature to vent that sort of pain. I found out ... that child's elder brother. He was the one ... who brought the ashes to BoHyunSa. That man is ... Jang Sung-Baek. The assistant monk at BoHyunSa ... saw his face in a wanted poster at the city hall.
  • ユン:しばらくご無沙汰していました。申し訳ございません。
  • 僧スウォル:大きな仕事を成し遂げたな。立派だぞ。
  • ユン:和尚様のご指導のお陰です。
  • スウォル:捕盗庁の捕盗大将が、まだ回復していないと聞いた。
  • ユン:では...
  • スウォル:果たして、この年寄りの腕は藪医者と同じだが、もし仏様のご加護があれば....
  • ユン:和尚様
  • スウォル:ここへくる途中に金村にある普賢寺に寄ってきた。そこの法堂にチェオクのご両親の位牌が祀られている。
  • ユン:初耳です。
  • スウォル:チェオクは、自分の心の痛みを打ち明けるような子ではない。チェオクの兄を見つけた。普賢寺に位牌を祀ったのも兄だったそうだ。その兄が、チャン・ソンベクだ。普賢寺の住職が、役所に張られた彼の人相書を見たのだそうだ。
  • (Choi Dal-Pyung's letter): The damo girl's life is in my hands. If you want to save her, then come with your life before the sun rises.
  • Nan-Hui: The monk has gone inside to treat him. This is the happiest day ... of my life. Thank you.
  • Yoon: My lady. I must go ... to Yang-ju for a little bit.
  • Nan-Hui: In the middle of the night?
  • Yoon: Yes.
  • Nan-Hui: What is the matter?
  • Yoon: I received ... a letter that my mother is not feeling well.
  • Nan-Hui: Please go in the morning. You do not know what the remaining rebels will do.
  • Yoon: I believe seeing her now ... as soon as possible ... will help her illness.
  • Na-Hui: Forgive me. I should go with you ... but I cannot ... leave my father's side yet. Please wait just a moment. I have some herbal medicine ... to send to Yang-ju.
  • Yoon: No, that is fine. Later ... Please send it later. Then ... I will return.
  • Na-Hui: Chae-Ohk ... Is it about her? You will ... return, right? Promise me.
  • Yoon: It seems that ... it will be a long road.
  • Na-Hui: Am I ... being so greedy? I ... even if I live for only a single day ... I want to live as your wife. Would you embrace me? Would you say ... just once ... that you love me?
  • Yoon: Forgive me I cannot keep that promise.
  • (チェ・ダルピョンの手紙):「茶母の女の命は私の手中にある。助けたければ夜が明ける前にお前の首を持ってこい。」
  • ナニ:和尚様が治療を初めて下さいました。私は生まれてこのかた、今日ほど幸せな日はありませんでした。ありがとうございます。
  • ユン:お嬢様。暫く楊州に行ってきます。
  • ナニ:この夜中にですか?どんなご用なのですか?
  • ユン:母の具合が悪いとの知らせを受けました。
  • ナニ:夜が明けてからお出かけ下さい。逆賊の残党がどんなことをしでかすか分かりません。
  • ユン:一刻も早く会いに行くことが、母の病を軽くしてあげられることだと思いますから。
  • ナニ:あなた様と一緒に伺うのが道理ですが、今はまだ父の傍を離れることは出来ません。もう少しだけお待ち下さい。楊州にお送りしようと準備しておいたお薬が一剤あります。
  • ユン:いいえ。後で....後でお送り下さい。では行ってまいります。
  • ナニ:チェオクのことですね?また...戻って下さいますか?約束して下さい。
  • ユン:遠出になると... 思います。
  • ナニ:私があまりに欲張り過ぎたのですか?私はせめて一日でもいいから、あなた様の妻として生きたいのです。抱きしめて下さいますか?愛していると、一言だけいって下さいますか?
  • ユン:約束を守れない私を許して下さい。
  • Choi Dal-Pyung:
    I didn't expect you to come. You came to die for a girl.
  • Yoon: Set the girl free.
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: It was a life-long dream. Killing you and the other police ... would not satisfy my dreams. Do you think I'll let anyone live?
  • Hwangbo Yoon:
    Kill me and ... set the girl free. That is ... my last living request.
  • Choi Dal-Pyung:
    Wouldn't you be lonely on the path to the next life? Kill him! Don't come near me! If you do, I will slit this girl's throat!
    ------- Jan Sung-Baek killed Kato and others. ------
  • Choi Dal-Pyung: If you do, I will slit this girl's throat!
  • Jang Sung-Baek:
    I already ... killed that girl. Do as you wish!
  • Hwangbo Yoon: Jang Sung-Baek!
  • Sung-Baek:
    Hwangbo Yoon. You will pay ... your debt to me later. Move aside!
  • Yoon: Don't you love her?
  • Sung-Baek:
    If someone points their sword opposite mine ... there is only death.
  • Yoon: That girl's life ... is your life.
  • Sung-Baek: Move! Hundreds of lives depend on my sword.
  • Yoon: Kill me. If you do no kill me ... you cannot take even a single step.
  • Sung-Baek:If you block me one more time ... I will not hold back my sword!
  • Yoon: That girl's life ... is more precious ... to me than hundreds ... of lives.
  • Sung-Baek: Yes. Hold your sword like that. I will always be a rebel ... and you are the Police Commander who must always try to kill me.
  • Yoon: Please ... Please sheathe your sword. That girl is ...
  • Choi Dal-Pyung:
    Jang Sung-Baek! Are you scared? Hurry and kill him! Quickly!
  • Sung-Baek: How will you save her ... if you do not fight me? Do you love her? If you want to save her ... kill me.
  • Choi Dal-Pyung:
    Jang Sung-Baek! Are you going to go back empty-handed?! You're going to go back empty-handed!
  • Sung-Baek: Didn't I tell you there were hundreds of lives at stake?!
  • Yoon: Jang Jae-Mo ... That girl is Jae-Hui. Do not ... kill that girl twice.
  • チェ・ダルピョン:
  • ハンボ・ユン:
  • ダルピョン:
  • ダルピョン:
    俺  に近寄るな。近寄ったらこの女の首を刎ねるぞ。
  • チャン・ソンベク:
  • ユン:チャン・ソンベク!
  • ソンベク:
  • ユン:彼女を愛してないのか
  • ソンベク:
  • ユン: あの女の命はお前の命だ。
  • ソンベク:
  • ユン:私を斬れ。私を斬らない限り、一歩も先へは進めない。
  • ソンベク:
  • ユン:
  • ソンベク:
  • ユン:どうか剣を収めてくれ。あの女は....
  • ダルピョン:チャン・ソンベク!臆したか。早く奴を斬れ。早く。
  • ソンベク:
  • ダルピョン:
  • ソンベク:数百の命がかかっていると言ったではないか。
  • ユン:チャン・ジェム。彼女がチェヒだ。彼女を二度も殺さないでくれ。
  • Hwangbo Yoon:
    Don't cry. I wanted ... to live while breathing with you. Ever since I embraced you in my heart ... I have never ... been able to ... rest peacefully. You ... Don't be like that ... because of me.
  • Jang Chae-Ohk:
    Young master. Let's go ... back to the mountain together. Let's not ... Let's never come back again
  • Yoon:
    Now I ... will be able ... to rest peacefully
  • Chae-Ohk:
    Young master. Young master. Young master! Young master! Young master! Let's live together! Let's not come back again! Young master!
  • ユン:
  • チェオク:
  • ユン:
  • チェオク:
  • Chae-Ohk - monologue:
    "Young master. Sleep well. Don't let me disturb you ... in your dreams. Sleep well. I will never ... trouble you again. However ... please come find me ... during the long night ... in my dreams ... please come fine me. "
  • チェオクの独り言:
  • Joh Seh-Ook:
    You ran down a road that isn't a road. A road that isn't a road
  • Jang Sung-Baek:
    ... How can you say that? If one person take a path ... if two people take it ... if many people take it then that becomes a road. In this rotten world ... all I did was create and run down a new road.
  • Joh Seh-Ook:
    Don't be foolish. The road you created is only a cliff leading to death.
  • Sung-Baek:
    You're wrong. Though my bones may be buried here today. After I die, many people will walk my path to make a road. Some time, their blood and souls will fill the valleys and rivers and a new road will definitely ... a new world will definitely be opened! Even though I die now ... I will not ... completely die. Only ... Jae-Hui ... This life of mine ends here. Please relieve me.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    If I don't kill you with my sword ... I'll live with great regret.
  • Sung-Baek:
    All right. Don't make a mistake this time.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    I'll kill you no matter what!
  • Sung-Baek:
    I missed you ... Jae-Hui. Do not remember me.
  • Chae-Ohk:
    Brother ...
  • 갈이 라는것이

    씨 저음부터 있단말이오

    한 사람이 다니고

    두 사람이 다니고

    많이 사람이 다니면

    그것이 곧길이 되는법


  • チョ・セウク:お前は道ならぬ道を走ってきたのだ。それは道ではない。
  • ソンベク:
  • セウク:愚かなことを言うな。お前が作ったという道は、死へと続く断崖に過ぎない。
  • ソンベク:
    それは違う。私は、今日、ここに骨を埋めるが、私が死んだ後も、多くの人が道を作るためにここを歩くだろう。いつの日か、民の血と魂が峡谷を埋め、川を埋め、必ずや新しい道を、新しい世界を拓くことになるだろう。たとえ私の命が尽きようとも、私の魂はしなない。ただ... チェヒ... 私の人生はここまでだ。早く殺すがいい。
  • チェオク:
  • ソンベクそうか。今度は失敗するな。
  • チェオク必ず斬ってやる。
  • ソンベク: 会いたかったぞ。チェヒ。俺を覚えていないのか。
  • チェオク:兄上....
  • (Jae-Mo & Jae-Hui's retrospect)
  • Father: How old ... is our Jae-Hui this year?
  • Jae-Hui: I am seven years old.
  • Father: Seven? jae-Mo. no matter what happens ... alyways be with your sister.
  • (チェムとチェヒ回想):
  • 父イルスン:チェヒは今年でいくつになったかな?
  • チェヒ:七歳でございます。
  • 父:まだ、たったの七歳か、チェム。どんなことがあっても、妹と一緒にいるのだぞ。
  • A far off mountain ... A mountain with a deep green forest ... A destiny ... that could not foresee threat divide. A love I could not measure ... A love that tore apart my heart ... Not again ... Never again ... Do not live for me ...
  • 遙かな山。緑深き山や森。恐ろしい別れを予感できない運命。計り知れない愛。心を裂いた愛。二度と二度と私のために生きないでくれ。




Sicerity song

  • 단심가

  • 내 안에 날 차마 버리지 못헤

    얼굴에 부딪히는 바람저럼 올었죠

    그댈 워해 나를 버리시는 게

    하늘에 뜻이라도 난 원망하지 않아요


  • 부디 잊지 말아줘요

    내 사랑 보아 더 큰 세상 가졌으니

  • 그대도 나더럼 눈물 흘리나요

    모든 게 다 꿈이였어요

  • *그대가 가야 할 길과 내가 가야 할길이

    서로 다름을 난 알았죠

    그대가 세상에 나와 같이 머무는 한

    그데만이 소중산 사랑인걸 아시나요

  • 그대는 왜 나를 힘든 외로옴 속에 가둬두려 하나요

    바라만 본거죠 가질 수 없는 사랑 그것마저 운명 인가요

    나를 잊지 말아줘요 내 사랑보다 더 큰 세상 가졌으니

  • 그대도 나저럼 눈물 흘리나요

    모든 게 다 허무해져요

  • 그델 워해 나를 버리시는 게

    하늘의 뜻이라도 그대 원망하지 않아요

  • 丹心歌
  • 私の中の自分を捨てられず
  • どうか忘れないで下さい
  • あなたも私のように涙を流すのですか
  • *あなとと私の行くべき道が
  • あなたはなぜ私を
  • あなとも私のように涙を流すのですか
  • あなたのために私を捨てることが


숙명 II



  • 숙명 II

  • 가슴속에 지난 기억과 기다림을 간직애 봐도

    돌아올 수 없는 시간올 건너야 하네

  • 세상의 뜻대로 스치듯 바람이 되어가라면

    내 과거와 사랑마저 잃어가면서

  • 하늘이 정한 운명에

    다가서야만 하는 슬픈 아픔

    걸어야 하는 이 길이

    깊은 시련을 준대도

    이 세상 끌까지

  • 벗어날 수 없는 순간은

    저 멀리서 손짓 하지만

    난 오늘도 알지 못한 재

    흘러만 가네

  • 소중한 모든 게

    산산이 부서져가는 날까지

    기약 없는 현실 앞에

    무릎 끓은 제


  • 뜨겁게 삼낀 눈물로

    너를 떠나보낼 그 날을 향해

    마지막 남은 한걸음

    이젠 가야만 하는 나

    이 세상 끌까지

  • 運命 -II
  • 胸の中にある
  • 世の中が流れるままに
  • 天の定めた運命に
  • 抜け出すことのできない瞬間が
  • 大切なものが
  • どんな約束もできない現実の前に
  • 熱い想いを耐えた涙で
  • Questions:
    1. Why does Hwangbo Yoon not research & inform the sibling relationship of Chae-Ohk and Jang Sung-Baek at earlier stage, which could rebuild new relationship among the three?
    2. Why does Yoon not accept the offer of the King to become his adviser& bodyguard?
    3. Why does Yoon not require an amnesty for Jang Sung-Baek, because he blocked the global conspiracy at the final stage?
    4. Why does Yoon not consider to go back to the mountain life with Chae-Ohk, unless the above 2) & 3) are approved?
    5. Why Chae-Ohk not consider the possibility of his brother, when she spent with Sung-Baek long hours in the cave.
  • 疑問:
    1. なぜファオンボ・ユンはチェオクとチャン・ソンベクの兄妹関係をもっと早い段階で調査し、情報提供しなかったのか? それは3人の間の新たな関係を再構築できたかもしれない。
    2. なぜユンは、王の顧問兼ボディーガードを引き受けなかったのか?
    3. なぜユンはチャン・ソンベクの特赦を、最終段階で外国勢力の陰謀を阻止したことを理由に要請しなかったのか?
    4. なぜユンは上記2と3が受け入れない場合、チェオクを一緒に山へ戻ることを考えなかったのだろうか?
    5. なぜチェオクは、ソンベクと長い時間、洞窟の中で過ごした時、自分の兄の可能性を考えなかったのか?

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